Vocabulary banking

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Vocabulary banking

Streets and roads street; road; avenue; alley; boulevard; lane; drive; route; thoroughfare; main street; side street; back street; by-street bystreet ; one-way street; blind alley; main road; side road; crossroad; back road; byroad; byway; bypass; Vocabulary banking road; dirt road; paved road; path; track; trail; passage; driveway; highway; speedway; Vocabulary banking freeway; parkway; causeway; turnpike; limited-access road; toll road; two-lane road; four-lane road; autobahn; motorway; superhighway.

Parts of streets and roads fast lane; left lane; slow lane; right lane; breakdown lane; bicycle lane; bicycle path; intersection; crossroads; junction; traffic light; red light; yellow light; green light; pedestrian crossing; zebra crossing; crosswalk; sidewalk; pavement; walkway; street corner; overpass; underpass; traffic circle; bridge; tunnel.

Bus stop, parking lot, etc.

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Houses, buildings house; small house; large house; brick house; brownstone; wooden house; apartment house; block of flats BrE ; residential building; three-story house; four-storied house; multistory building; row house; cottage; cabin; bungalow; hut; lodge; log cabin; castle; palace; villa; estate; mansion; manor house; fortress; town house; country house; summer house; farmhouse; ranch house; office building; concrete-steel building; glass building; brick building; skyscraper; high rise; tower; elevator building; walk-up walk-up building.

Miscellaneous buildings school; hospital; supermarket; department store; restaurant; hotel; bank; post office; museum; library; movie theater; factory; plant; police department; fire department; city hall; town hall; prison; jail; church; cathedral; temple; chapel; mosque; synagogue.

Places of interest and entertainment to go sightseeing; to see the sights; to visit scenic sites; to visit places of interest; tourist attractions; cultural attractions; scenic attractions; major attractions; historical places; historic places; historical sites; historic sites; historic landmarks; art gallery; art museum; museum of art; science museum; exhibition; showroom; monument; memorial; square; plaza; park; garden; botanical garden; zoo; zoological garden; aviary; wildlife refuge; nature reserve; planetarium; aquarium; marine park; water park; aquapark; amusement park; concert hall; opera house; theater; movie theater; cinema; circus; dancing hall; disco; discotheque; night club.

Tourist information places tourist information center; visitors center; visitors bureau; travel agency; tourist agency. Restaurants, bars restaurant; cafeteria; cafe; lunchroom; luncheonette; coffee shop; tearoom; snack bar; eating place; eating house; diner; eatery; canteen; grillroom; pizzeria; milk bar; French restaurant; Italian restaurant; Chinese restaurant; Mexican restaurant; seafood restaurant; fish restaurant; fast food restaurant fast-food restaurant ; hotel restaurant; a la carte restaurant; self-service restaurant; family restaurant; bar; barroom; cocktail lounge; pub; tavern; saloon.

Banks bank; central bank; savings bank; commercial bank; nearest bank; ATM automatic teller machine ; cash machine; currency exchange; electronic banking; online banking.

Vocabulary banking

Sports facilities health club; fitness center; gym; tennis club; golf club; country club; sports area; recreation area; sports ground; playground; campground; football ground; basketball ground; tennis court; golf course; swimming pool; skating rink; boxing ring; wrestling ring; racetrack; racecourse; football field; stadium; sports arena.

Health facilities hospital; clinic; polyclinic; health center; hospital clinic; dental clinic; the dentist's; outpatient clinic; outpatients' department; ambulatory surgical center; surgery department; waiting room; consulting room; hospital ward; emergency room; operating room; the ambulance; maternity hospital; maternity home; nursing home; pharmacy; drugstore.

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Educational facilities nursery school; kindergarten; elementary school; high school; school; college; institute; university; academy; medical school; law school; business school; vocational school; trade school; technical school; music school; library; campus; dormitory; day-care center; day camp; summer camp.

Hair care, skin care hair salon; hairdresser's; barber shop; beauty parlor; beauty salon; beauty shop; massage parlor; solarium. Services and repair automobile repair shop; auto repair shop; car repair shop; service station; garage; bicycle repair shop; computer repair shop; home repair shop; locksmith's shop.Loans/Loan-related vocabulary 3 Banking vocabulary (matching) 1 Banking vocabulary (matching) 2 ESL - Banking Vocabulary 1 ESL - Banking Vocabulary 2 ESL - Banking Vocabulary 3 ESL - Banking Vocabulary 4 ESL - Banking Vocabulary 5 ESL - Banking Vocabulary 6 ESL - Banking Vocabulary 7 I.T.

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Free, ESL,pre-intermediate, online English grammar quizzes, ESL Grammar quiz, vocabulary quizzes, tests, exercises,ESL Videos, interactive grammar quizzes. Spanish Vocabulary Learn Spanish language Basic Spanish vocabulary The bank.

Vocabulary for the bank in Spanish Vocabulario para el banco en español. Following are a list of Spanish words to talk about the banks in Spanish. Spanish supermarket vocabulary- Translated English words to Spanish. Spanish: English. Finance vocabulary, Finance word list - a free resource used in over 40, schools to enhance vocabulary mastery & written/verbal skills with Latin & Greek roots.

Words and phrases for the topic Places in the City. Слова и фразы по теме Places in the City.

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