Premier inn pest analysis

With regards to governmental influences; corporation tax has decreased over the last few years to see a rise in profits. The Financial Crisis dropped the U. K into recession, causing wide-scale problems for companies, however for Premier Inn the economic disaster conveyed some benefits.

Premier inn pest analysis

The hotel is also good for business groups or individual business partners having an overnight stay. The Behaviouristic variables of show that the brand loyalty of Travelodge.

Political Travel lodge created Premier inn pest analysis policy statement in order to demonstrate their commitment to the privacy of their customers. By using Travelodge hotels, their website, their dedicated telephone reservations line and any line or any other service of Travelodge Hotels Ltd, the customer is agreeing and giving their consent to the practised outlined in the statement issued in the privacy policy stating that they will always handle information in compliance with the Data Protection Act The scheme, JuMP, is a fast track route into management and provides Alevel studnets with a real alternative with the chance of going to university.

The programme provides a chance for the school leavers to continue their education, obtain work experience, receive a salary and become a manager by the age of To date, travelodge has over 80 apprentieces participitating on the course in hotels across the UK.

Premier inn pest analysis

The number of trips taken by Britons overseas has declined by This means that 5. Total tourism revenue was up Employment numbers in tourism have bucked the wider trend, thanks to strong growth in whennew jobs were created. Staycations form the backbone of the tourism economy, with domestic trips and holidays increasing by 5.

Social Factors Travelodge is seen as a sociably acceptable hotel regarding to trust pilot, although there are many mixed reviews from that site and other sites such as tripadvisor. The use of social media can help attract customers but also put some customers off as one negative review can have a bigger effect than 10 positives combined.

Initiative has been tasked with overseeing the media planning and buying ahead of a major campaign which will launch in spring With online bookings becoming more and more popular as technology, Travelodge have set up a very easy and understandable booking system online and a specially designed mobile compatible page.

Video, audio, smells and tactile experiences produced using our bed or bed linen will play a key role in helping to make our dreams feel real. We will be able to replay our favorite dream from a menu just like choosing a movie.


Also, we will be link into dreams with our partner or family and friends and enjoy a shared dream experience. Its leadership in putting the price at a low level is its competitive edge. This is how the hotel chain attracts budgets and practical travelers.

Its weakness lies in the cutting frills the well-off tourist looks for in a comfortable hotel stay, but while the hotel chain does away with the Class A and B tourist, it has opened a flashflood of markets from the C and D category.

Considering that the UK has a culture of drinking alcohol, Premier in has an advantage over Travelodge in this field, although most city centre and airport hotels now serve alcohol and food. Travelodge is on its way to leading the budget hotel chain with pricing strategy and website technology.

With a majority of the travelers relying on online reservations, the World Wide Web can be tapped as a marketing strategy.

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Travelodge has very competent executives and has hired experts with a background in state of the art IT systems. Marketing Management — 14th Edition — Kotler, P.Competitor Analysis on Premier Inn, Travelodge & Holiday Inn Transcript of Competitor Analysis on Premier Inn, Travelodge & Holiday Inn.

Introduction Gain an understanding of the nature of the budget hotel market. The competitive strategies used by the organsations.

Present findings of SWOT & PESTLE Analysis. Business Strategy Competitor. Premier Inn SWOT Analysis. Strengths. Below is the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats (SWOT) Analysis of Premier Inn: 1.

Hotel Chain of the Year at British travel awards 2. UK’s largest hotel brand with more than 50, rooms and nearly hotels. Premier Inn is also on the verge of expansion and started opening the restaurants in Asia and Middle East (Premier Inn, ).

PESTLE Analysis PESTLE analysis is the external environment analysis. A critical analysis of the hospitality sector. Including a sector overview, environmental scanning, and business analysis using theories.

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PEST Analysis of the Hotel Industry The UK’s leading budget hotels, Premier Inn and Travelodge had room revenue increases of % in at a time when the UK’s economy was starting to. SWOT analysis. and Competitor analysis and finally the promotion plan will be Premier Inn 4 1 Executive Summary Premier Inn’s strategy is to “create value for their shareholders by focusing investment and growth in expanding sectors of the hospitality industry and delivering outstanding performance across its businesses.5/5(2).

Feb 19,  · SWOT Analysis for Premier Inn. Feb19 by thehotelgroup. today in our group we have done the swot analysis for the premier inn hotel and that’s what we came up with.

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