Origins of cc and oop

In a class-paradigm language such as Java, a class is a template. It is a series of instructions to the operating environment that enable it to construct and use objects.

Origins of cc and oop

In sports the term " alley-oop " first appeared in the s by the San Francisco 49ers of the NFL to describe a high arcing pass from quarterback Y. Tittle to wide receiver R. Owenswho would outleap smaller cornerbacks for touchdown receptions " The Catch ", the famous Dwight Clark touchdown reception from Joe Montana by which the 49ers gained entry into their first Super Bowl, was also an "alley-oop" pass and later became more well known from its use in basketball.

History[ edit ] In the s, some players began utilizing jumping abilities by grabbing balls in mid-air and then dunking. Some others credit David Thompson as the first player to execute the classic alley-oop play while at North Carolina State Universitywith his teammates Monte Towe and Tim Stoddard performing the necessary lob passes.

The duo connected for many highlight alley-oops and would showcase the play in their national championship run, including the most watched game in the history of the sport, the famed Magic vs.

With time running out and the score tied, guard Dereck Whittenburg shot short of the rim, which effectively functioned as a pass to Lorenzo Charleswho caught the ball and stuffed it through the net to win the title in a huge upset.

In recent years[ clarification needed ], teams have often run the alley-oop as a planned play. The National Champions Kansas Jayhawks had several designs for alley-oops, including some thrown from inbound sets, and could execute them interchangeably with almost all of the players being able to both lob and finish the play.

Popular culture[ edit ] In the film Semi-Proprotagonist Jackie Moonplayed by Will Ferrellinvents the alley-oop after being knocked unconscious and speaking with his deceased mother in a depiction of Heaven.

The crowd and announcers are left nearly speechless, unable to comprehend what happened. The referee is dumbfounded and feels the play should be a foul, and maybe even two fouls.

This play allowed the fictional Flint Tropics to rally back and eventually defeat the San Antonio Spurs.Oop rosenschein 1. Object Oriented Programming: Its Origins and Importance in Computer Science Prof.

Jeffrey S. Rosenschein School of Computer Science and . Methods. We accessed the data of a multistage stratified random sample of adult participants, aged between 18 and 59 years, as well as participants aged above 60 years, from the first round of the Tanzania National Panel survey.

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Origins of cc and oop

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