Essays on destiny and fate

It has seemed to me worth while to show from the history of civilization just what war has done and has not done for the welfare of mankind. In the eighteenth century it was assumed that the primitive state of mankind was one of Arcadian peace, joy, and contentment.

Essays on destiny and fate

Fate drives the course of events throughout the twelve books of The Aeneid, pushing both the mortal and divine, to the unwavering destinies laid before them, and destroying those who attempt to defy, or even hinder, the course of destiny.

Today, fate is regarded as a benign force which can be easily combated with free will. However, As Virgil conveys in his epic, fate was once considered to be so unyielding that not even the gods themselves could intervene to prevent its coming to fruition.

However, Essays on destiny and fate though Aeneas accepts his fate, this does not free him from tribulation, as others, both human and immortal, attempt to resist fate, and alter its course according to their will. Nevertheless, she actively attempts to obstruct Aeneas in his journey to fulfill his own destiny, which Juno suspects will be responsible both for the downfall of her favorite city, Carthage, and the death of her most cherished mortal, Turnus.

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To stem this threat the Trojans pose, Juno instructs Aeolus to cause a storm which will destroy the Trojan fleet. Venus intervenes to save the Trojans, though the initial disturbance drives their ships off-course, away from Italy and onto Carthaginian shores.

If glory cannot move a mind so mean, nor future praise from flitting pleasure wean, Regard the fortunes of thy rising heir: Despite the fact that Dido felt love for Aeneas before Juno attempted to cause their wedding, Aeneas did not, and the love he returned as a result is arguably what drove Dido into the throes of her maddened passion.

In this way, Juno is responsible for the very fall of Carthage she struggled to prevent. With his potential wife no longer living, Aeneas is free to take on an Italian wife, a union that leads to the foundation of Rome. The manipulation of Dido by Venus, in an attempt to make the way for Aeneas easier by motivating the queen to assist him with quarter and goods, shows again how even the Gods must obey the dictates of the Fates.

Even after failing to prevent the downfall of Carthage, Juno remains steadfast in her efforts to contradict fate as she tries to trap Aeneas in Sicily to prevent him from continuing to Italy. Seeing that the Trojan women are growing tired of their journey, Juno sends down Iris to exacerbate their worries and distribute torches among them.

Frightened to continue themselves, the women then set the Trojan ships ablaze while the Trojan men celebrate. Nevertheless, the riot Juno inspires causes severe doubt within Aeneas himself, and he is unsure whether or not he should continue.

At this point, Juno recognizes that she can no longer keep Aeneas away from Italy, but decides that she might still have a chance to defeat him by stirring war between the Trojans and the otherwise welcoming Latins. Amata and Turnus cry for war and the neutral Latin king relinquishes his power over the kingdom.

Though Juno succeeds in inciting conflict and initially preventing Trojan occupation, her arousal of Latin furies proves to be the first in a series of events which lead to the fall of the Latin empire, clearing the way for fate.

One of the great prophetic moments that serve to reveal the secrets of fate is the magnificent shield Vulcan makes for Aeneas.

Essays on destiny and fate

There end your toils; and there your fates provide A quiet kingdom, and a royal bride: Though fate does determine the course of all things in The Aeneid, apparently it is a power that still requires minute amounts of prodding to remain on course.

Apart from the larger destiny of Aeneas to found Rome, several prophecies are made of him and his men that are fulfilled in the course of The Aeneid, sometimes even just by accident. In these ways Aeneas and his company prove that prophecies must always be fulfilled and they must never make a mindful effort to prevent the progress of destiny, in fact, as proven here, destiny is sometimes accomplished through unconscious proceedings.

A foreign son upon thy shore descends, whose martial fame from pole to pole extends. His race, in arms and arts of peace renowned, not Latium shall contain, nor Europe bound: Determined to change the tides of his destiny, Turnus builds an army to defeat Aeneas, but all to no avail. Turnus fails even to burn their unattended ships, for destiny will not allow him to violate his fate and conquer the Trojan army, and as Dido was struck down after her attempt to overcome destiny, so also was Turnus, defeated in battle by Aeneas, after attempting to slay him, further illustrating that to go against your pre-ordained destiny is not only foolish, but often times fatal in The Aeneid.

At first, it seems the rage Juno rouses in Turnus is enough to keep the Trojans at bay, as Turnus kills many influential Trojan allies, notably a young Pallas. It is at this point that Juno is told by Jupiter that Turnus must be killed sooner or later and that she can only act to delay his death, not prevent it Book When the fight finally commences, Aeneas soon has Turnus pleading for mercy.Her destiny takes her to the way which she suffers a makes her own fate and both of them make her a fallen woman in the society.

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Essays on destiny and fate

I mold it every day to what I want it to be. It Is amazing that someone’s destiny can be affected positively and negatively. I am a firm believer In karma and fate; if you help someone they might help you or someone else In return.

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