Essay about education system in uae

Concerned parents could ask to see that the establishment has the correct documentation. Nurseries can make business but not at the cost of children," Student information for schools in Dubai Students are expected to wear uniforms in most schools one or two of the American curriculum schools, French, German and other European schools might not have this requirement. The school day usually starts between andand finishes between and with a standard lunch break.

Essay about education system in uae

Here is some useful information on the education system in UAE and the school admission process. Primary and secondary education in state institutions is provided free for every UAE national up to the age of The UAE education system is a four-tier system.

Nursery Education — Nursery education in Dubai begins at a tender age with children of eighteen months to two years getting admitted to nursery schools.

Basic English language speaking skills are developed in students of this age group. Kindergarten Education — Children of four to five years are admitted to Kindergarten where they get taught various subjects like English, Arabic, Mathematics, Music, and Art.

Primary Education — Students admitted to primary school are generally around six years.

Essay about education system in uae

English is the main language of instruction in most primary schools. However, many other schools teach in Arabic and some in foreign languages such as Hindi, French as well Russian.

Secondary Education — After completing primary school, students move to secondary or high schools. There are two kinds of high schools in Dubai, the ordinary schools that focus on academic subjects and the technical schools which focus on imparting specific skills in students.

Although the Emirates have several excellent accredited universities and other tertiary education institutions like the United Arab Emirates UAE University and Zayed University, most expatriates prefer to send their children back to their native country or Western nations such as Australia and U.

K for higher education. But the UAE Ministry of Education is taking great strides in overhauling the education system to cater specifically for the high percentage of expatriate families that calls the Emirates home.

It has received international recognition for its efforts to move to smart learning strategies via the Mohammed Bin Rashid Smart Learning Program MBRSLP Continuing the technology-in-education focus is the Vision National Agendathrough which the UAE seeks to develop an excellent education system by completely transforming the current education system and teaching methods.

The National Agenda aims for all schools and tertiary institutions as well as students to be equipped with Smart systems as a basis for all teaching methods, projects and research.

The new UAE education model envisages internationally accredited bilingual teachers to cater to the growing UAE population and expatriates moving to the Emirates. Popular Schools in UAE There are many international schools in UAE to meet the demand for education by the increasing number of expatriate communities.

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Analysis of Education in the UAE The education system comprises of the Kindergarten which the age levels range from four to five years.

Essay about education system in uae

The second stage of learning is the primary level where age limit range is between six and twelve years. BGP Looking Glass links collection with IPv4, IPv6 features and Internet eXchanges. Related resources and news. UAE Dubai Transport News on| Latest international, regional, UAE, Dubai Transport news, Transport information, Transport analysis, Transport data, and in-depth Transport opinion.

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