Best science essays 2009

His remarks fueled a national debate about women and science. Summers drew on anecdotes and popular but outdated science or pseudo-science to make three points about the paucity of women scientists and engineers: Summers is now chief economic adviser to the Obama administration.

Best science essays 2009

Support Aeon Donate now We do this to our philosophies. We redraft their contours based on projected shadows, or give them a cartoonish shape like a caricaturist emphasising all the wrong features. This is how Buddhism becomes, in the popular imagination, a doctrine of passivity and even laziness, while Existentialism becomes synonymous with apathy and futile despair.

No wonder the Stoic sage, in Western culture, has never obtained the popularity of the Zen master. What this attitude ignores is the promise proffered by Stoicism of lasting transcendence and imperturbable tranquility. It ignores gratitude, too.

Stoicism is, as much as anything, a philosophy of gratitude — and a gratitude, moreover, rugged enough to endure anything. Philosophers who pine for supreme psychological liberation have often failed to realise that they belong to a confederacy that includes the Stoics.

O you noble Stoics, what deceptive words these are! Living — is that not precisely wanting to be other than this nature? Is not living — estimating, preferring, being unjust, being limited, wanting to be different? Why make a principle of what you yourself are and must be? This is pretty good, as denunciations of Stoicism go, seductive in its articulateness and energy, and therefore effective, however uninformed.

The truth is, indifference really is a power, selectively applied, and living in such a way is not only eminently possible, with a conscious adoption of certain attitudes, but facilitates a freer, more expansive, more adventurous mode of living. Joy and grief are still there, along with all the other emotions, but they are tempered — and, in their temperance, they are less tyrannical.

One place to start is the Urban Dictionary. Stoics do have emotions, but only for the things in this world that really matter. They are the most real people alive. Group of kids are sitting on a porch. The Greek scholar Zeno is the founder, and the Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius the most famous practitioner, while the Roman statesman Seneca is probably the most eloquent and entertaining.

But the real hero of Stoicism, most Stoics agree, is the Greek philosopher Epictetus. He spoke to his pupils, who later wrote down his words.

Best science essays 2009

Among those whom Epictetus taught directly is Marcus Aurelius another Stoic philosopher who did not necessarily expect to be read; his Meditations were written expressly for private benefit, as a kind of self-instruction. Among those Epictetus has taught indirectly is a whole cast of the distinguished, in all fields of endeavour.

A prisoner of war in Vietnam for seven years during that conflict, he endured broken bones, starvation, solitary confinement, and all other manner of torture. His psychological companion through it all were the teachings of Epictetus, with which he had familiarised himself after graduating from college and joining the Navy, studying philosophy at Stanford University on the side.

He kept those teachings close by in Vietnam, never letting them leave his mind even when things were at their most dire.

He knew what they were about, those lessons, and he came to know their application much better than anyone should have to. That subtitle is important.Toril Moi (born 28 November in Farsund, Norway) is James B. Duke Professor of Literature and Romance Studies and Professor of English, Philosophy and Theatre Studies at Duke is also the Director of the Center for Philosophy, Arts, and Literature at Duke.

She attended University of Bergen. Previously she held positions as a lecturer in French at the University of Oxford and. Home / Science essay / Science essay Previous Life experience essay words that describe heinz dilemma essays critical lens essay on the glass menagerie macro environment marketing essay pdf research paper human anatomy, research paper on panic attacks long essay on microorganisms in pond.

As legions of warriors and prisoners can attest, Stoicism is not grim resolve but a way to wrest happiness from adversity. An essay has been defined in a variety of ways. One definition is a "prose composition with a focused subject of discussion" or a "long, systematic discourse".

It is difficult to define the genre into which essays . The Best American Science and Nature Writing has ratings and 30 reviews. Annie said: I know 'green' is the new hot thing, but this collection se /5.

Best science essays 2009

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